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About Big Bang 2017

Big Bang 2017 will focus on peer learning, where you and your colleagues can lead workshops and activities to develop practical, tangible skills.  It is an immersive learning experience for engagement practitioners and Bang the Table clients. 

Big Bang will be an intense collaborative peer learning event, curated by Peer Academy. The objective of this conference is to empower our practice community to feel even more confident in advocating the value of community engagement within your organisations.

Conference agenda
As our participants will drive the sessions at Big Bang, we don’t have a detailed agenda just yet, but here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

Day 1

When you arrive, you’ll join in on workshops and activities to share practical skills, insights and case studies in small, intimate groups. These sessions will be run by your peers and you will acquire practical skills around best practice, new technology and community engagement trends.


Welcome & Framing

Round 1 of peer learning sessions
These sessions have not yet been determined.
Want to run one? Apply here to become a Session Leader.

Morning tea

Round 2 of peer learning sessions


Growing our influence through tackling problem areas
Learn how to pitch ideas back to your organisation in a way that is authoritative and persuasive.


Join us after the first day of sessions. This needs to be purchased with your ticket.

Day 2

On the second day, you’ll gain practical insights into how to apply what you’ve learned and explore how you can stay connected with your new contacts after the conference.

Welcome & Framing

Getting practical
This is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into skills or ideas you’d like to implement back in your organisation and how you can create change to your work practices. 


To be confirmed.

Creating community
We'll use this time to grow and strengthen your community of peers and colleagues.

Final reflections

We'll keep this page updated as the agenda develops.

Want to become a Session Leader? Apply here.